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Code: 0781

Nice Art-decó flat by the pedwalk Sarandi

88m2 Old Town
USD 78.500,-
Code: 0771

Ideal as investment!

36m2 Old Town
USD 69.900,-
Code: 0810

Linda planta baja a estrenar a pasos de la Rambla

38m2 Ciudad Vieja
USD 79.000,-
Code: 0809

Linda planta baja a estrenar a pasos de la Rambla

38m2 Ciudad Vieja
USD 79.000,-
Code: 0811

Sobre Peatonal Sarandi con terrazas y garaje

133m2 Ciudad Vieja
USD 219.000,-
Code: 0746

Cozy apartment in good location with garage

47m2 Old Town - Center
USD 125.000,-
Code: 0773

In upper floor with view over the bay close to Plaza Independencia

92m2 Altstadt - Zentrum
USD 205.000,-
Code: 0806

Over Plaza Zabala in excelent location & construction

82m2 Old Town
USD 140.000,-
Code: 0802

In Palacio Salvo completely refurbished and equipped

56m2 Center / Plaza Independencia
USD 160.000,-
Code: 0794

Bright with balcony and views on the River

30m2 Barrio Sur
USD 85.000,-
Code: 0786

Justa a few steps away from the Rambla and Pedwalk

58m2 Old Town
USD 90.000,-
Code: 0788

Upper floor over the Plaza Treinta y Tres

124m2 Cordón
USD 199.000
Code: 0787

Monoambiente bright with 41 m2

41m2 Old Town
USD 65.000,-
Code: 0154

Plaza Zabala beautiful in best location

152m2 - Old Town
USD 270.000,-
Code: 0738

Downtown with view

57m2 Center
USD 129.000,-
Code: 0621

Classic apartment recently refurbished

95 m2 Old Town
USD 195.000,-
Code: 0770

Sunny just a few meters to the Rambla

73m2 Old Town
USD 120.000,-
Code: 0758

Nice with patio close to Bvar Artigas y Ponce

43m2 Pocitos
USD 120.000,-
Code: 0769

Apartment or office

91 m2 + 5m2 terrace Old Town
USD 125.000,-
Code: 0768

Apartment or office

94m2 Old Town
USD 125.000,-
Code: 0767

Apartment or office

91m2 Old Town
USD 125.000,-
Code: 0766

Apartment or office

90m2 Old Town
USD 125.000,-
Code: 0750

Unique classic style in best central location

175 m2 + 25 m2 balcony Center
USD 250.000,-
Code: 0733

Upper floor with views over Montevideo Bay

90m2 Center
USD 225.000,-
Code: 0732

Beautiful classic style downtown

187m2 - Center
USD 239.000,-
Code: 0713

Upper floor with views balcony and garage

42 m2 +6 m2 terrace Punta Carretas
USD 220.000
Code: 0656

With rent – Oft with balcoy and terrae de 30 m2

39 m2 + 30 m2 terrace Ciudad Vieja
USD 90.000
Code: 0650

Upper floor 192m2 plus 30m2 balconies – view over the bay

192 m2 + 30 m2 balconies Center
USD 320.000,-
Code: 0593

Excellent apartment in eblematic building in best location

76 m2 Plaza Independencia - Ciudad Vieja - Centro
USD 169.000,-
Code: 0484

Apartment with 2 bedrooms in new building an view on the River Plate

69m2 + Balcony Old Town
USD 158.000,-
Code: 0482

Old Town – Flat 65m2 in new building with patio 38.5m2

65m2 + patio with 38.5m2 Ciudad Vieja
USD 168.000